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Those 35 wheelbarrows of muck worked the hell out of my back Thursday. It’s not at all sore in a “I hurt my back” kinda way — it’s more of a “Whoa! I really gave those muscles a workout” kinda thing. And it feels great. I just don’t know if I really want to go tubing with Christina next Friday.

I was the Sargeant at Arms at the North Ridge meeting tonight. About time I show upa t a meeting or two, now that I’m assisting them with martial arts routines. We met at Eastern Hills Mall – I haven’t been there since they put in the fireplace in the food court. I had the programmed urge to eat, but was still stuffed from the Fish Fry and Soup & Salad Bar at Danny’s with Mer and Christina earlier.

And Christina and I are really able to talk maturely and openly about everything these days – a concern I can’t help but have the way her mom often hints to me about all sorts of things not consistent with my own understanding of our relationship. But to defend her, I think she is in poor health from this new pregnancy and is entitled to want Christina around at the expense of my own time, as long as it doesn’t become a long-term problem. And I want Christina to be there for her.

Anyway, I’m ALMOST ready for bed. Just need to tend to a few things, and it’s all good.

Good Night World.

XOXO All …