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Here’s step one in my catch-up plan. I’ve just been so busy building shopping carts …

I have been violated.

After choir practice last week, the choirmaster insisted on going through my folder (bindr actually, one I own and organized myself) to get rid of any music I “didn’t need”. I grumbled a protest that I would do it myself, as I like to keep a few select pieces and practice or even just sing them from tiem to time. She pretty much grabbed it out of my hand and vigorously strew papers aside, almost ditching ones I copied myself with reorganized staffs for easier reading.

Anyway, I felt silly making a deal out of it, but felt like I was being treated like a kindergardener whose teacher felt compelled to go through my desk and clean out whatever … it was an awkward feeling, especially being confronted on keeping a song menu from last year’s outdoor mass. I save stuff like that – they’re keepsakes to me – and it almost became a bone of contention.

Anyway, I’m over it now, but was surprised how such a thing resulted in such a strong emotional reaction, albeit inward and not really expressed.