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Pagan fertility rite, or celebration of the Ressurection? Missing the point. The point is … HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!

Just got back from noon mass. Packed, of course, and we sang upstairs. I even wore my wedding outfit, and Mery had this beautiful dress from the Sub-Continent (India) that I bought her at the Fair this last year.

And the server is back up, after a rediculous day-and-a-half outage from a poorly planned data center switch. Other than that, a tenant called me at 7:25am this morning to tell me of a drip in her ceiling. I can imagine what anyone else would have said to her, but I simply explained I wasn’t going to wake up the landlord on Easter Sunday if it wasn’t an emergency, and that I would follow up on it later or Monday.

Time for family, swieconca, and chocolate!