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After going out with Susan a week ago, she suggested she needed “unwind” time every week and we should make a habit out of it in some form of reflection. Last night we had the first of our “evening retreats”, listening to the first section or two of a CD on Tibetan meditation I got for Christmas from Mer. (I also got one on Christian meditative tradition, which we will probably use next week.)

Merry hid in the bedroom with her laptop, Jeff was over on the computer in the den, and the usual neighborhood sounds were there, but we created a comfortable space in the living room with a small lamp and candles. Relaxing … maybe too much to concentrate, and my mind was everywhere. (That’s why I do “moving meditations” like Tai Chi — to occupy my conscious mind with physical activity.) I ended it by sharing an exerpt from the Upanishads.

On another note, I caught an amzing centerfold from a Natl-Geo magazine in the bathroom yesterday. Never saw so much nudity in my life. It was a spead of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Never really looked at it before. First it gives the impression that Michaelangelo beleives anyone not a prophet who lived before Christ eschewed all clothing at all times. Also, the decition of the serpent in the Garden as female caught me off guard. I’d like to study the whole work more, and see what insight it brings, if anything at least to the Biblically related mythos of that time.