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I took Susan to Albany for a job interview. We left Monday evening and stayed over in Rensallaer. After grabbing a meter and walking Susan to her interview in “Agency 2” after poor directions from a cleaning lady, I found a place to park at the Pepsi Center, as all the Empire Plaza parking was full, as were surrounding ramps. Took the walkway, then explored the plaza.

Empire State Plaza is the most amazing urban architecture & planning I have ever experienced first-hand. The vaiously grey-shaded buildings reminded me of Imperial Star Destroyers and the Egg (indoor theatre) reminded me of the Imperial Senate on Corusant. No surpirse really, considering it’s the capital of New York State.

In no time, I knew my way around, and I took a lot of photos. Upon exploring the museum, I concluded two things.

(1) There was no cell signal, so I had to leave to make sure Susan could reach me.
(2) I want to take my family there for vacation.

Anyway, photo gallery forthcoming.