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Bet no one has ever titled an entry THAT way before …

Anyway, I always have weird dreams, but I had another Tsunami one the other day. And more of the usual places, such as my old home on Bellwood, my grade school (again last night), D’Youville College, and my grandparent’s home – or more like a much larger farmhouse that reminds me of it. And all intersparsed with stuff from Halo or some other sci-fi mythos from time to time.

But I had an interesting dream a couple nights ago that I was working at the farm, but it was out in the plains, endless fields to the horizon in all directions, except for a tall wooden house that was unfurnished. Working in the fields picking spinach under the sun and a bright blue sky. It was heaven. But then somehow I sended up working in an office as an insurance agent, being slightly miserable (that slow death kind of despair many of us live) and prodded into doing my job instead of whatever it was I was attempting to tinker with on my own.

Working at the farm this week, doing carpentry and roasting (warming) a couple hotdogs with a scrap wood campfire … the time seemed to stand still and I could start to let go. Could I do this if I had a 9-to-5 job 5 days a week? I joke that I’d shoot myself if I ever had to go back to that. But I can never tell for sure if I’m kidding.