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8th Grade graduation was this evening. It was an almost 2-hout-long “hour” service, but was nice. I am so glad she’s done with that school. A decent school, but not for the money, and the behavioural standards are a bit under those of other schools I know.

As usual when other relatives are around, Eileen refused to acknowledge me and gave less-than-pleasant glances to my wife. She even went out of her way not to walk near her / us. Maybe she doesn’t even know she does it. It’s like regularly talking up a friendly storm with me and then being all serious and confrontational when Jim is around. But maybe she was just in a bad mood and I’m reading too much into it. That’s easy to do when you’ve been through rough, hurtful times with someone, even if as far as you’re concerned it’s in the past. But it’s still rude and embarassing, and I’m not going to be the one to call her on it. Oh, well.

I sat next to Chrissy’s Godmother Tina, which was nice, but she seemed a little distant-but-polite toward me. That’s actually sad, because her and her husband (and kids) are wonderful people who actually live on the next street. I am sure we would really get along well, and if things were different, I’d want them over regularly for cookouts or whatever. Maybe someday I’ll invite them a party for Chrissy someday.

But either way, it’s a closed chapter in MY life. I’ll be scrap-booking all Christina’s stuff up to this point (in particular her school stuff) as a convenient benchmark, and it also means most of the trials of parenting are over. After high school and the start of college, the whole two household issue will FINALLY be irrelevant except at her own family events (marriage, kids, etc.).

Anyway, I’m off to bed – hopefully I will get out early to the farm, as they’ve been swamped with work the last few weeks. I just hope the weater is more blessed this week. G’night, y’all …