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A lot has happened.

Friday, we lost all the games again in Volleyball, one a shutout due to half the team being drunk, and the other half irritated that we made fools of ourselves.

Saturday, I went down to the Dunkirk lighthouse (for the first time) for a veterans service, along with craft fair and re-enactors from various wars and time periods. I used this as an excuse to take care of the family graves (finally). I planted mums bought from the local Home Depot. I forgot the watering can, so God sent pouring rain for both soil and outdoor planters at the store. Of course, it started after I worked the soil, I went to the store, and it stopped at the exact moment I started planting. A beautiful mist and the newly appearing sunshine when I had finished made the cemetery look like what heaven must feel like.

I also have been thinking about what a Chinese vendor told me at the Fair – the Buffalo Area has “bad chi” while Las Vegas (where he is from incidentally) has “good chi”. This was equated with economic prosperity for him, but having been in Utah, I think I’ve been feeling all along such a thing. It’s not just the humidity, or the fact that there’s a thruway running through my backyard. It’s the whole overall “force” in the environment. Something needs to be done, and/or I need to move somewhere where the “chi is good”.

This morning, I woke in a half-dream state repeatedly, trying to bridge thought and intention and the physical world. I wont explain what I mean here, but it was a neat thing to attempt (if possible at all) and I had a strong desire to stay in the dream state, as if wishing to stay in the comfort of a place you dearly call home. A lot of things have been going on spiritually for me these last nine days, and I wonder how much this is a part of it. I know for sure something special has happened in relation to my calling in my ministry because of meeting with someone today, too, but for now, I’ll leave it at that.

Lastly, I finally put up some pics from Utah, along with captions. They can be found at www.Netflections.Net/Utah.