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Okay … first, the color of the walls are a bright yellow, they call “Citrus” …

But I suspect that was a misprint. It should be more like …

Anyway, here are some pics. The first one shows the remanifestation of extreme fruit-hanging activity. I made the shelf with plate rail during the remodel and it turned out nicely, I think.

This next one shows you how much different it now looks, not just because of the walls, but because the cupboards were sanded, primed, primed again, and painted and painted again.

Also, it gave us the time to reorganize and send a tone of stuff to Salvation Army (AMVETS was only taking clothes and furniture at the time). In this shot, you can see a cleaner arrangement and wooden rail to accommodate … uh … hanging stuff.

Lastly, here’s some detail of the brackets I added to the old shelf, along with detail of Merry’s painting in yellow accents on the cupboards. We also replaced our older, quite large microwave, with a smaller white one. The lemon-thingees on top of it are a nice touch.

Anyway, the tour is over. Sit down for tea or get out. 😛