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Some of you remember my love for the awesome, albeit quirky and low AI, game called Ascendency. I would play it over a million times if I could, leaving it for many months, then playing a game every day or two for weeks again. BUT, it wont play on WindowsXP.

So the other day, or rather a week or so ago, I found Space, a multiplayer Acendancy-type game online. It’s REALLY cool. And against human opponents, I may actually get my arse kicked around a bit. It’s turn-based, or “tick-based” rather, and you can set your empire to do things many hours in advance, unlike HoboWars, where you have to do things at certain times or you lose turns.

That’s probably why I haven’t updated in a bit, and why hasn’t had his computer time that often. He sleeps most of the day anyway.