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I got a call from my daughter’s mom today about various things and I found out where Chrissy seems to be at. We really were able to get through a lot of issues and potential issues … and I was able to get in words edgewise to the point Mer thoguht I was talking to someone else. LOL Anyway, knowing her mom is there for her instead of against me is a huge releif. And I got advice and encouragement instead of guilt and indifference, which meant a lot to me. For once, I think we are on in a healthy co-parenting mode we can both live with.

When I got off the phone, Mer asked me if I was majorly unburdened. The truth is I was released from a lot of the heaviness on my soul this morning. On the way to the farm, I was in prayer with the Holy Spirit, and many things were said to me that there are no words for. But I’ll try a little bit …

I was heading into Peace. It was as if where I was taking my car was the Promised Land. I am finally ready to start leting go of all those things in my life that I have no control over. In fact, I plan to meditate on that when I leave the computer after typing this. I will sit and focus on having no control over anything, then on my breath, then on my senses, and my ability to physically move, then speak. Then move my intentions outward, letting them go where they may. But that is all we can do as human beings. Everything in the whole world comes down to the things we do and say. That is all the control we have.

But for years, I had lost my way, living in the way things should be instead of connecting with the way they are and only taking actions that make a difference. And that includes thinking (or not thinking mostly).

Exhale. Reach out … and let go. Peace.