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{Be warned. If you don’t get it, don’t freak out on me. I will explain if anyone asks for some … illumination.}

O most burderened of servants
Placed to test all in fire
Teaching them fear
You are the fence for my sheep

Your mask, your names
Create an opposite reflection of me
Hated, despised
You have become the opposite of angelic

And yet you are still Messenger

I know this task you are given
Is most costly and heavy
To do that which you least would wish
Had you the free will of those you tempt

This shatan I have asked you to be
Will in the end be cast down
Eternally burned in effigy
Your dark identity destroyed

Then your disguise shall be cast off
Like uncleanable rags
Or worn out bindings
Shedding the skin of the serpent

Man shall never know this
That from Eden to Apocoalypse
You were called to play the shadow to my Light
How else could its shining be beared in fullness?

But recompense and fame are not among your thoughts
My reward to you shall be my Love
Kept out of your reach for far too long
O most obedient of servants