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I held my last Tai Chi class at Horison Martial Arts in West Seneca today.

The good news? I have to option to have classes at a holistic center nearby on my own terms — class times, student fees, lots of flexibility. I can even stash my stuff there, such as T-shirts, videos, etc. and I will get a lot more cross-pollination from their existing programs.

The best news? My existing students are 100% behind me.

Other than that, I’ve been busy tieing up other loose ends, such as completely backing up my computer stuff (SEVEN DVDs!), settting up last year’s recurring billing for Kentropolis, and taking care of some put-off projects.

Christina is still trying to talk her mom into letting her bring her guitar home (her mom’s house) that she got for Christmas. She LOVES it, and is really trying to learn when she can.

Oh, and my Dad finally got the walking stick I made him via UPS’s second attempt. Two weeks for 3-day-ground …