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About a week ago, we had a Spring Day — but it wasn’t. Sure it was warm and sunny. But even if the sun wasn’t so low, there was abdolutely zero scent of Spring — the flowers, etc. Some people were estatic, but to Mer and I it was just a bit eerie. It’s like nature’s work day began, but nobody showed up.

Then it stays sunny, but drops well below freezing. But soon there was a dusting of snow and a bit of ice on the pavement, so it seemed “normal” again, albeit biting cold to to the face.

So it warms up for a touch now and then over the last few days — even a drizzle yesterday — then this morning a light snowfall that doesn’t seem to stay on the ground, but nasty winds.

An hour later? Whiteout. Everything covered in white, if you can see it at all.

Well, welcome to Buffalo. Sometimes the sterotype is true.