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For Christmas, Merry’s sister gave us a certificate for an overnight stay where she works — The Mansion on Delaware. This last weekend, we used it.

The Mansion on Delaware

Mer and I checked in the mansion around 2:30 and Moo gave us our tour. After settling into our room, at the end of a series of hallways reminiscent of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, we had our driver drop us off at India Gate restaurant.

Which was closed. We missed the lunch buffet we had hoped for, but instead of taking in customers for early dinner, they close until 4:30. We could have ate at Pano’s or a couple of taverns in that block, but Mer had a craving specifically for Indian, so we browsed Home of the Hits, Mondo Video, Don Apparel, Half and Half, et alia, which apparently are all GOING TO BE DEMOLISHED because the properties were bought out to build a hotel. Anyway, the hour-and-a-half was only half over, so we went in the last of the above, then went to “We Never Close” (which we correctly assumed was open) to gather snacks for the evening.

We did eat Indian after all, entering just as the lights went on, and had a great time. (I like Nan even better than Pita.) While waiting for our driver to pick us up, I saw Michelle walk past the window. I ran out and lamost grabbed her in a hug, but decided there was enough potential to get maced that I decided to call her name instead. A short conversation and a hug later, our ride was there, and we were off to “open bar” at the mansion.

After making myself a diet Pepsi with lime and lemon, assistance came from the staff to mix people drinks. I had him make me a Shirley Temple, which seemed to slightly amuse the couple we ended up playing pool against (who incidentally were also locals) Merry never played before, but did fine. All the games were close, and we lost 1 game to 2.

The bathroom was so big that it took us the whole evening to realize there was both a his and hers sink, separated by about the length of a football field. Like the rest of the hotel, it was whitewashed with modern fixtures and art, yet maintained its overall architecture and amazing original woodwork.

We spent the rest of the evening wathcing “The Quiet Man” and our usual lineup of Fox cartoons from the queensized bed, eating the munchies we grabbed earlier. And Moo was on in the morning, so we woke to her voice on the phone for our wakeup call.

To be continued …