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Me and BushI designed this shirt, which can be found by going to BushWorldTour.Com {edit: Link goes to Spreadshirt store}:


George W. Bush
“Axis of Evil”
World Tour


“Axis of Evil”
Tour Dates
Kabul, Afghanistan – October 2001
Bagdad, Iraq – March 2003
P’yongyang, N. Korea – TBA
Tehran, Iran – TBA

Coming Soon to a
Theater of War near you!

This commentary was from the original site, before I moved it to the Spreadshirt.Com store:

Please note that the designer’s views are not necessarily the views of Another Hare-Brained Scheme, but probably are.

As the designer of the shirt and it’s concept, what are my views? Who cares? Did you come here to talk politics or buy a cool shirt? Well, if you want to know, I didn’t come up with the idea to be pro-war or anti-war. It’s just a friendly satire of the concept of Bush taking on the “bad guys” around the world. In fact, I’m sending him a shirt to show I don’t mean any hard feelings. I got the idea thinking about a shirt I saw years ago called the “Hitler World Tour” shirt, which listed the dates of his conquests, along with countries such as Great Britain and the United States listed as “Cancelled.” I’m not making a political comparison — it just seemed a neat twist that I could put on the “War on Terrorism.”

As for Afghanistan, Iraq, and the rest, I don’t believe that peace happens by accident. I also don’t think the United Nations can really represent the will of the world so long as there is veto power by any one nation, even ours. Thoreau would demand consensus if HE ran the show, but as nice as that sounds, almost nothing would ever get done. The alternative is the capacity for minority governments to be outvoted all the time. The democratic process is a Catch-22, but I don’t think I can come up with a better plan.

The real question is whether we as a nation want to be (or should be) our brother’s keeper around the world. As the strongest military and economic power in history, we have the greatest responsibility for the future of mankind. Nobody has to like it — in fact, it’s the main reason people THINK we are arrogant or domineering even when we’re not. Not all our motives are going to be humanitarian or altruistic, and we should be careful not to assume we know what’s better for the citizens of another nation. But we can’t pretend that freedom or justice are all in the eye of the beholder, in some fog of cultural moral relativism. Whatever evils we do not condemn, we risk America being seen as enabling or even approving of them.

Besides, we can’t just stay home while planes fly into our buildings either, right? What can we do? What should we do? My solution? Ease off the Orange Alert for a few minutes and buy a T-shirt. And when you’re done, pray for peace, fight for liberty, trust no one, and believe in something.

– Ken

(the guy who made the cool shirt you really want to buy!)

And then the low tide of the gene pool splashed upon the site …

We recently received lots of positive and negative criticism about the shirt from our “NO!” survey. From War Hawks to Peaceniks, we welcomed all comments.

However, one stood above the rest (unedited):

“buying over the net is still VERY scary for most. pay pal is a silly pay thing as most have not a clue how to user it. AND 4999 of the visits dont agree with u about the war and have just come here fromt he link on the 404error page as i have done.
the end”

Apart from not being in all caps, this is the perfect example of people who should not visit this site. If you are compelled to compose such free verse, it’s probably best you don’t “user” the net at all. Or at least click leave this site in peace and go HERE.