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Much of my writing the last couple years has emulated my experience that most of the wackos out there are politically on the left these days. I had a tough time finding right wing extremists out there. (Everyone totes the sames ones out in such a discussion. Sorry, Rush Limbaugh has a clear to-the-right agenda, but is not an extremist in the true sense, nor is he a wacko. He is an intelligent journalistic editorialist merely playing the part. But Doctor Laura is just over the edge and desperately needs to stay out of politics, so I guess that IS a good example.)

But when I recently defended Islam as a faith that has a right to exist, I could not believe the wackos that came out of the woodworks. Sure there were a whopping two or three of them, but I rarely have to go head to head with people who think my acknowledging Islamic-Arabic culture as made up of human beings who ought not be salughtered in genoocide makes me anti-American and a bad Christian.

I’m still not going to buy that Iraq, et alia has anything to do with cultural warfare. Nothing copuld be father from the truth, facts be known. But I now know why some people THINK that might be the case — there are enough wackos on the right who WANT it to be a religious and cultural war. In fact, that’s what the terrorists want it to be.

Maybe we should just let one religion’s nationalistic extremists fight the other’s to the death, and let all the human-shield peaceniks get caught in the middle. That would eliminate most of the terrorists, and the wackos on both sides of American society, leaving the rest of us to get on with life.

Did I just say that? Maybe I’m becoming and extermist centrist or something …