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I think we both had a great time.

But I’m not posting pics of me beardless. I’m highy unphotogenic. But I did add a userpic based on a blogging friend of mine, “Pork Tornado” (Dusty Scott). I ate a lot of misc. munchies and the music was widely varied. I didn’t warm up on the dance floor until much later in the evening.

Christina was beautiful. And didn’t really dance. But we slow danced at the end, and I held back serious tearage to the song “Butterfly Kisses”. The night ended after I segull-grazed everyone else’s plates at TGIFridays. I was by far the youngest of the four fathers in the group at that time, and they all talked about life in civil service and old times about local places and people I never heard of.

But it was a great night. And I found the perfect balance between being myself dancing and not over-embarassing my daughter.