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I have never done more site designs, re-designs, additions and updates in one week than this one. Actually it started getting crazy last week, but I’m fighting to keep up. I don’t want to be like other designes to “get around to it” — if I can’t make a change in a few hours or days, I feel like I’m slipping.

At least I got a new office chair. The old one was a lawyer’s chair from the early 20th Century. It served me well, but I couldn’t adjust it tight enough to not feel like I was on a ride at an amusement park. My new one was one of two I really liked when I test drove them at OfficeMax. The first one was one of the most expensive, and I decided even if I could afford it, I would fall asleep sitting up. Way too comfortable. The second (which I bought) was one of the least expensive. But it wasn’t too upright or loose, and had armrests low enough to not have my shoulderrs in a permanent shrug.

My new office chair

At least I took a little breather on Thrusday at the farm. Stew and I ran some errands and I got to visit the Amish. It was a sawmill with unfinished planks of real dimensions. Two boys played around the whole time — they were both friendly and curious, but like the adults were reserved with a strangely warm standoffishness. They mumbled what I think was German between themselves (including the children) and I was caught off guard by a few powered appliances they had, including a headlamp on the owner of the mill. They also had an amazingly structured playhouse being build on premeses that could easily have been a hunting cabin.

I taked my wife into an early fishfry, so I’m off …