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I had a relaxing day today. Started with a free mediutation session at the Himalayan Institute (Michelle met me there) and then I did some house-cleaning, while burning some sandalwood incense. I would have finished the day before, but I wasted too much time late at night trying to make a bulletin board migration actually work. And I think I have realized I am bad at time management when my schedule is freestylin’ it too much.

Michelle stopped in for a snack and then we picked up Chrissy and went to church. Brunch was fun, but I didn’t have the right stuff and prep work to make decent omelettes. Yes, I did most of the dishes before Mer comes home. After a wonderful visit, Michelle left and I dropped off Chrissy, then promptlyu took a nap. Intermittently IMing my wife, she called a few moments ago to tell me she was stuck in traffic on the QEW due to an accident. I hope she will be home soon.

I also wore an Chinese outfit I got from my Dad and Kathy for my birthday. I made Mer take pictures before she left of me in it, but she wont let me post them online … she doesn’t want to share. :^P And they even got Alb3rt_s a Karate outfit.

So Mer was in Toronto for three days and I didn’t starve, kept the house clean (relatively), fed the cats lots of dog food, and found a touch of solitude. But I still want my Mermer nearby.