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The wife and I are goingthrough withdrawl, waiting for the next season disks to appear for B5.

Season 1: It’s okay.
Season 2: Has decent potential.
Season 3: (which we only are halfway through) … Schwang!*

Gritty, much more down-to-earth (excuse the expression) than Star Trek, even Deep Space 9. Amazing story arc with complex characters and story lines. THe only reason it’s predictable is because it’s truly classic in structure — something you’d expect from Asimov et alia.

That, and I think the creator, Michael Straczynski, is my long lost twin. It’s like listening to myself talk when he brings out the theological and philosopohical implications of cultural pluralism using different species, and even post-modern religious humans. It seems that once again to my fading surprise, religious enlightment comes from “secular” media.

I’m not easily turned into a fan of anything, but B5 is not something I’ll forget about anytime soon it seems.

*Schwang is the superlative form of Boing!