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Went to a BNI meeting this morning (7am) for the first time in many months. THere’s an opening for a web developer, so I’ll be joining.

Then I went to Tai Chi class and followed up with the free one in the middle of the mall. I didn’t have to run one of my usual Friday errands, so I had the time. However, my phone didn’t let me pause much, and so I just did some web work on the upcoming Teen Party event my daughter will be going to next week. I’ll be glad when that’s all over — I had a tough time working things out with one of the partners and though I really like the other one, if my part of the project is done and I get to put it in the past, all the better.

Yesterday, her birthday, I drove Christina and her friends to the mall. They have a “treehouse” which is actually a corner room in a friend’s family’s garage. It has a loft and an extrension cord for power, and they painted it orange with purple accent. I put in a doorknob lock and a hook-and-eye latch for them, along with giving them a smaller extension cord with more places to plug in cords.

Earlier that day, we wwent to Dunn Tie Park (which I call Bison Field) to watch the local farm team play the Red Barons. It was fun,even though I mostly read magazines and took pictures of the stadium and city.

Tomorrow I go to Ohio once again to visit a close friend. Mixed feelings about it — I haven’t talked with him since everything hit the fan. Some of you know and some of you don’t, and that’s alright. Let’s leave it at that for now.