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A couple weeks ago, I got to dance with Merry in public for the first time in many years. It was a workmate’s wedding — outdoors at Beaver Hollow. Amazing place. Muppet’s theme. We sat at the Dr. Teeth table. I even got to teaqch one of Merry’s friends how to slow dance.

I also helped Michelle man (“staff”?) the table for Big Brosthers Big Sisters at the “Music is Art Festival”, one of the many “protest festivals” during the Allentown Arts festival, and a block over from it. I almost got locked in Main Place Mall while it was closed, having enetered it from a parking lot elevator to try and get to the Metro Rail. All the doors were padlocked and the only elevator that worked was the one I came up from.

Lastly, I’ve been going down with Agnes to catch up with Dennis who got himself into trouble in Ohio. Two trips so far, and Merry packed an amazing picnic each time. Agnes wants to marry her in her next tife. I told here there was a waiting list.