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From an email I received …

Christianity in America will not survive another decade. How is that possible? At the current rate of evangelism, it is estimated that only 4% of this generation of teenagers will be Bible-believing Christians by the time they reach adulthood.
34% of adults today are Evangelical believers. Imagine an America at 4%:

  • Church attendance dwindles
  • Tithes and offerings are at an all-time low
  • New church buildings sit empty
  • Life-giving sermons go unheard
  • The role of a church leader becomes irrelevant

This is an unthinkable crisis. We cannot let this trend run its course. It is time for the Church to respond. We must take action!

Senior pastors and youth leaders across the country have already determined that they will make a difference. Join them at one of the powerful BattleCry Leadership Summit events coming to your area in just a few weeks. At the Summit you will:

  • Learn about this unique and difficult time in the lives of teenagers in America.
  • Understand how this crisis is affecting your ministry and the future of your church.
  • Look behind-the-scenes to see how both advertisers and media-makers are controlling the minds of this young generation.
  • Find out how you and your church can take action to save this generation.
  • Receive a Battle Plan with detailed information that you can enact within your church immediately.

With all that is at stake, this is an event you cannot afford to miss. Check the cities and dates below to find out when the Leadership Summit will be in your area. (Click on your city for details.)

Notice how all the ill effects listed come down to power (membership) and money (tithes) disguised as ministry? Is this only obvious to me? And why so concerned about the 4% number when so many non-evangelicals will still be around? Because the rest of us aren’t worthy? We aren’t bible believing? We aren’t saved? How arrogant and ignorant. It borders on grand deception and lies.

I have grown weary of what is well-intentioned self-righteous hypocrisy at best, brainwashing and an affront to everything the Gospel REALLY stands for at worst. If it turns out they are right about the 4% being part of their exclusive club, Christianity will be all the better for it. And there’s no way to understate that.