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The Next Generation

1 February, 2021 Ken Family & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

Some of our best conversations throuhgout the years have been in the car. Just before seeing my daughter’s new apartment, we talked about her exploration of various spiritual traditions, not just philosophically, but in practice. I told her I had two things to say to that: first, that there are many pitfalls along such paths; […]


The Odd Stillness of Indian Summer; Reflections of Bellwood

6 November, 2015 Ken Family & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

It’s not every day in November that you hit 80 degrees and hover near there for a while. Or my wife is right to be surprised that I am surprised by something that to her seems typical. It just seems the world’s out of place, out of time. Perhaps that is why I had a […]


A Spiritual Spring

29 April, 2013 Ken Family & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

During a fit of meditation, I reached out psychically to a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while, but felt recoiled, rejected, until a warm feeling a few days later, as if to apologize. I miss them and sometimes have a strong empathic connection, but in some ways am more comfortable at a distance. […]


A long week, good and bad …

12 February, 2012 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

Inspired by a new friend on Facebook, I started making videos of myself talking, in particular, weekly recaps and previews of I also made headway in organizing the Earth 2 Mouth program, coordinating at least one service date with D’Youville and through people there discovered another soup kitchen that serves in the evening.  Word […]


A Perfect Sunday

27 October, 2011 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

Last Sunday was busy.  Mer and I worked the pancake breakfast at the West Seenca Lodge after having some ourselves, and then we were off to Olean. It was a wonderful drive and perfect weather.  Our destination was the shelter where Byron (the pit bull or “pitiful bull” we met at the Ellicottville Fall Festival) […]


A Child, Me, Not Me

6 July, 2010 Ken Everyday LifeReligion & Spirituality

There was a time when I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: the guy who collected the shopping carts at K-Mart. (It was right up there with engineer, which I felt I was well-suited for, but not nearly as much fun.) It seemed we went there every week for one thing […]


It’s done. Our Lady Bug has passed from this world.

8 June, 2010 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

This morning, we had our Shih-Tzu put to sleep. We had her for 12 years; she was just shy of 20-1/2 years old. She wasn’t really a dog, but a person that expected to be treated like a princess. So we did. Last weekend, we had decided it was her time, and it hit me […]


When Life is Too Easy

29 May, 2010 Ken Family & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

I was just thinking about how awesome my daughter is. But then I realized that maybe I was doing a disservice by telling her too often how proud I am of all the things she does or writes or says. I’ve always been a cheerleader type for the people around me. I show my love […]


Becket’s Last Stand

3 December, 2009 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

I heard rumors that my Philosophy Professor, Robert Nielsen, was retiring, and felt a great desire to hear his traditional end-of-year recitation of Beckets Last Sermon, of which here is an excerpt … I have spoken to you today, dear children of God, of the martyrs of the past, asking you to remember especially our […]


Maybe somebody got the Good Samaritan message backwards?

7 August, 2009 Ken Religion & Spirituality

I came across this through a Facebook friend, and before I comment too much, I would like to see other people’s thoughts.


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