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The Odd Stillness of Indian Summer; Reflections of Bellwood

6 November, 2015 Ken Family & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

It’s not every day in November that you hit 80 degrees and hover near there for a while. Or my wife is right to be surprised that I am surprised by something that to her seems typical. It just seems the world’s out of place, out of time. Perhaps that is why I had a […]


A Spiritual Spring

29 April, 2013 Ken Family & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

During a fit of meditation, I reached out psychically to a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while, but felt recoiled, rejected, until a warm feeling a few days later, as if to apologize. I miss them and sometimes have a strong empathic connection, but in some ways am more comfortable at a distance. […]


A long week, good and bad …

12 February, 2012 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

Inspired by a new friend on Facebook, I started making videos of myself talking, in particular, weekly recaps and previews of I also made headway in organizing the Earth 2 Mouth program, coordinating at least one service date with D’Youville and through people there discovered another soup kitchen that serves in the evening.  Word […]


A Perfect Sunday

27 October, 2011 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

Last Sunday was busy.  Mer and I worked the pancake breakfast at the West Seenca Lodge after having some ourselves, and then we were off to Olean. It was a wonderful drive and perfect weather.  Our destination was the shelter where Byron (the pit bull or “pitiful bull” we met at the Ellicottville Fall Festival) […]


A Child, Me, Not Me

6 July, 2010 Ken Everyday LifeReligion & Spirituality

There was a time when I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: the guy who collected the shopping carts at K-Mart. (It was right up there with engineer, which I felt I was well-suited for, but not nearly as much fun.) It seemed we went there every week for one thing […]


It’s done. Our Lady Bug has passed from this world.

8 June, 2010 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

This morning, we had our Shih-Tzu put to sleep. We had her for 12 years; she was just shy of 20-1/2 years old. She wasn’t really a dog, but a person that expected to be treated like a princess. So we did. Last weekend, we had decided it was her time, and it hit me […]


When Life is Too Easy

29 May, 2010 Ken Family & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

I was just thinking about how awesome my daughter is. But then I realized that maybe I was doing a disservice by telling her too often how proud I am of all the things she does or writes or says. I’ve always been a cheerleader type for the people around me. I show my love […]


Becket’s Last Stand

3 December, 2009 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

I heard rumors that my Philosophy Professor, Robert Nielsen, was retiring, and felt a great desire to hear his traditional end-of-year recitation of Beckets Last Sermon, of which here is an excerpt … I have spoken to you today, dear children of God, of the martyrs of the past, asking you to remember especially our […]


Maybe somebody got the Good Samaritan message backwards?

7 August, 2009 Ken Religion & Spirituality

I came across this through a Facebook friend, and before I comment too much, I would like to see other people’s thoughts.


“The Riddle No Atheists Can Solve”

12 July, 2009 Ken Religion & Spirituality

Yes, I clicked on a link that took me to a site claiming an indisputable proof for “intelligent design” — one that can’t be “solved” based on the argument DNA is a Code + Codes require authors = Life was created consciously, not by natural process It took my brain cells less than 0.2 seconds […]


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