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Last Sunday was busy.  Mer and I worked the pancake breakfast at the West Seenca Lodge after having some ourselves, and then we were off to Olean.

It was a wonderful drive and perfect weather.  Our destination was the shelter where Byron (the pit bull or “pitiful bull” we met at the Ellicottville Fall Festival) was kept, and brought Pasha to see if the two dogs would get along.  Byron wanted to be friends and Pasha had no interest.  Other than that, he got along with cats, had no posessiveness toward food, and didn’t mind being handled.  Byron is a very good dog.  The problem is he had no interest in people, only food and other dogs.  The connection just wasn’t there.  He’d be a great dog for a household with other dogs who liked dog company, but would be neighter good not bad as a family pet.  We decided not to adopt — as much as we regret and wish all such dogs could have good homes. 

But it’s a trip we had to take — Mer needed to know if he was a dog she couldn’t live without.  I saw it in her eyes, and decided I could not stand in the way if she needed him.  But we concurred, and everything worked out as it should.  And being a non-kill shelter, Byron will be fine, and we wish him the best.

We got back in time for me to be an extra in the movie “Granted”, where I gained some fame for dance moves I haven’t done in quite some time.  it was mostly tiring jumping up and down, screaming and clapping for take after take, sometimes for five-to-ten minutes at a time.

We finished early so I gradded something to eat with Roman, who lived down the street from the bar we filmed at (“Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar” or “DBGB” on Allen Street).  The rest of the evening was winding down at home, and a good nights sleep.

The big thing for me was that for the first time in a long time, I was very aware of and living in the moment.  My brain yielded it’s usual chatter of plans in the works, worries in the future, and larger contexts that need not be dwelt upon.  I really let go.  Everything was as it should be, no matter how it was.