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Inspired by a new friend on Facebook, I started making videos of myself talking, in particular, weekly recaps and previews of

I also made headway in organizing the Earth 2 Mouth program, coordinating at least one service date with D’Youville and through people there discovered another soup kitchen that serves in the evening.  Word spread between the alumni staff, campus ministry and I even received a good word from a FONP board member and old professor of mine, apparently describing me as “a great innovative thinker/philosopher”.  Yes, that will probably go to my head, though I am a bit curious what I earned to receive such an accolade.

This week has been mostly about calming customers while fighting with Time Warner Cable over their irresponsible, inexcusable handling of their DNS, resulting in common clients being unable to reach their websites and email, including myself.

The silver lining is that it snowed, and I made my first snow angel of the year.  I even convinced our friends’ daughter to join me after another win earlier in the day getting her to try something new — Hong Kong Chicken.