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During a fit of meditation, I reached out psychically to a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while, but felt recoiled, rejected, until a warm feeling a few days later, as if to apologize. I miss them and sometimes have a strong empathic connection, but in some ways am more comfortable at a distance.

In another instance, while at the Lodge of Research, I entered a state of prolonged, sharper awake-ness. Words do not describe it (of course), but peace and happiness seem more on tap, at least in as much as they can be in this life.

I also had a dream where I was drifting upward through planes of reality, pausing at a shrine in the clouds (above the field across from my house on Bellwood) dedicated to the Eternal Queen of the Universe, and then saying to myself the next being I see will be the ultimate Loving Other in my existence. I ascended the wooden, homey stairs, and amidst antiques, in a small, cozy room, was my Angel, who upon turning toward me with a smile, was Merry, my wife.