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Now that Chrissy’s back from Camp Turner, I can say, well … that she’s not there so you can’t stalk her by reading it on my journal!

Anyway, she didn’t have all her stuff going down due to a last minute vehicle change mixup, so I dropped off the stuff on Monday. I figured I was already all the way out there, so I went to Thunder Rocks. I say under an overhang while it poured a few minutes, but exlored my heart out, but without any real climbing. Then I went to check out Anderson Trail where we planned on having a retreat someday and it was familiar. VERY familiar. At that moment of driving through the loop, I remembered years ago looking up and seeing the Milky Way for the first time, at first not recognizing what it was, then being awestruck at my infiniticimal place in the universe.

A lot of driving, but a good day, and a very busy week trying to get everything done before I spend most of this week with Merry and Chrissy. A local vacation, and it’s off to a good start already, having been to the Fair a couple times.