Great Weekend (revised)

7 August, 2006 Ken Uncategorized

I spent Friday afternoon on a wonderful date with my wife. I took her to the Indian restaurant she loves so much and then to the zoo. I even grabbed a rose from a street vendor at the entrance to the expressway.

But a few odd things happened at the zoo. The night before, we watched a documentary on the Amish, and there they wore — a bunch of them at the zoo. Then we had what was described in print as “ice cream” — only it didn’t melt, became almost warm, and when I globbed the rest Merry didn’t want onto my cone, it came out of the cone like a mold. It was like some quasi-frozen, yet soft-serve mammilian phallus. She wouldn’t let me take a picture, but you get the idea. It was just hanging there, six inches sideways out of the top of the cone. And it didn’t taste quite right. I wont be getting ice cream from the zoo for perhaps QUITE a while.

I also got a lot of painting done, bit by bit. On Saturday we went garage saling and went to one held by a friend of Michelle’s family, buying up a boatload of mason jars. On Sunday, we finally got to meet Ken, Michelle’s boyfriend, whom I had met years before but really don’t recall. Other than that, the guys and Michelle were over on and off, we rented V for Vendetta, and played Parchese (teaching Michelle) and Scrabble, etc. (I actually cleaned house against Jeff and Merry at Scrabble, an unheard-of phenomenon in Merry’s world.)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the Erie County Fair, but need to get ahead on these projects before our vacation week is in full swing.

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