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I just didn’t have a taste for anything, but was really hungry. I’m almost over my cold, but am a bit weak from not having much of an appetite. So I ate what Mer’s family affectionately calls “squashy burgers” — I ran to McDonalds after my bank run.

I hope to get to the gym today. I have such a good time working our with Chrissy a few times a week — it’s rare there’s something I can do with her instead of just be a ride these days. I’m almost tempted on getting an ongoing membership, but she’ll be starting school really soon and it’s a bit of money …

But between eating slightly less, working out (and being sick a few days), I’ve lost nearly ten pounds in two weeks. I’m almost tempted to do the 5k run my alma mater is having in a month, but unless I can do the 3.1 miles in around 30 minutes or better, I’m not sure it would be worth it. But I think I’d like to do it someday no matter what. If it took me two hours, it would still put me ahead of the masses who never tried it at all.

Oh, one other mentionable: last week I did something I never did before. I intentionally made an appointment for 7am. What was I thinking? I was meeting someone else at the same spot that morning, so I booked it earlier. But I made it and all worked out well. And new business is nearly always good business.