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I’m not making this any sort of intellignet or researched essay, but sometimes I like to connect the dots and wonder if I’m right.

Exhibit A: Just in – a connection has been made that North Korea is sharing long-range missle technology with Iran.

Exhibit B: Iran has been purchasing missile technology from China

Exhibit C: Backtrack further — Former President Bill Clinton gave American long-range missle technology to the Chinese in exchange for campaign contributions (Chinagate scandal)

Exhibit D: China taddletales on tiself, saying it stole the secrets using spies, saving Bill’s back end.

Exhibit E: Shortly thereafter, Clinton rewards China with Primary Trade Partner status.

I don’t beleive in coincidences, though I would not say I’m convinced without dobt about causes and effects. But it makes sense.

But, since I’m just rambling and not making a serious political treatise on this, and in the spirit of warming up a huge “I told you so”, let the record show I knew a LONG time ago that Clinton’s treasonous actions could mean WWIII down the line. But of course, chances are a Republican president will be blamed when this happens (maybe sooner than next election), and will step up and be the “bad guy” and do what needed to be done before it got out of hand. The warmongers might save us in the end, not the good-guy Jimmy Carters of the world. Ironic, is it not?

Then again, Bush has become soft. We can see that Iraq turned out not to be ready for a stable democracy, even though Saddam needed to be taken out. And he knows that because of this and public perception, if he now decides to go after the immediate growing threat of North Korea, having a small war now instead of a devastating one later, the Republicans will lose the vote next time around. And we all know that elections are morte important than saving the world …