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I went to the Interfaith service at UB today and got to see His Holiness. Amazingly humble and simple in his message. A true preacher of the Gospel (“Dharma” in Buddism). There were passages read about world peace and unity from various texts (mostly scriptural from various faiths). There was contemplative dance and even a Gospel (Baptist) choir. It wasn’t just new age hippies like I thought it would be. EVery kind iof person imaginable was there. There were even religious leaders from the region representing all major faiths, including Roman Catholic Bishop Kmiec seated to his left.

And when he spoke, there was an amazing sense of joy and peace that seemed to echo from the world around us. His smile was the most sincere thing in the whole universe. His voice was deeper than I imagined, and he said very little, but meaning flowed through his difficult English clear as a bell. It was perhaps like an angel’s trumpet, but more like a gentle yet firm whisper from a parent or an old friend who knew what was in your heart.

The strange yet satisfying thing for me is that in everything he said — it was as if I had written it myself. The talk about the place of religion and spiritualty, its strengths and problems, and how the world has become smaller and we can’t ignore each other anymore … the commonality of the basic Truth in all humanity, even in non-theistic views … and he was truly cherished by all of us.

I am comforted that there is really hope for today’s world.