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Okay. We got power back around 2pm yesterday, which means the electric and heat was out arounf 40 hours. Most of the other tenants left, but we stayed, of course. I had to man a gasoline-powered generator between two buildings to keep the sump pumps going. And I shoveled the whole place by hand because the snow was almost nothing but ice and water. I could surely use a snow thrower with more testicular fortitude.

Thew temperature fluctuated indoors between 60-65 F, which isn’t much different from how Merry keeps the house anyway, and we had hot meals and tea using a Sterno burner she bought when we moved here and she discovered we had an electric stove. Good planning. And the chest freezer didn’t even flinch.

Lots of tree damage, but no damage FROM the trees thankfully. We’re still boiling water for cooking and drinking. Yesterday, Jeff and Mike came over, and I brought Michelle over and we all had a hot meal, each rescued from their own lack of utilities. Over all, everything was fine, and now we have a lot more firewood from the downed trees and branches.

I just have to find some neighbors who need help and do what I can now.