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It’s a feeling that crept upon me all day, and culminated in waking from a nap about my old house on Bellwood.

The sights and sounds of the apartment — the way it feels in it’s dimentions and all — are really comforting. I’m home. Not that Merry hasn’t done everyhting to turn this into a home, but it always felt … well … like an apartment. The place I lived, albeit with the one I love. It’s that undescribable connection you feel with a place, and I never fully felt it until today, and for no apparent reason. Maybe it just caught up with me.

It’s a feeling I haven’t had since living on Bellwood nearly half my life, though the dorm came close for some reason. But now it’s here, and I can wait forever for a farmhouse and it wont matter, though it is still a dream. I’m home.