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I Survived Lot 2111

We ate most of the jar we had of the lot recalled due to salmonella concerns. No one got sick. Someone give me a T-Shirt.

Fussy Smoke Detector

Our smoke detector must have been on union break the other day when we had a small stovetop fire — tons of smoke and it never went off. Must have been saving itself for those regular, more theatening occassions, like when we make toast. You’re Fired! (And replaced.)

Cupid Without Cash

We were poor for Valentines day and din’t go out or anything, but watched the “L. A. Story” DVD in bed on Mer’s laptop. What more could I ask for.

Happy New Year!

I got conscripted to clash the cymbals for the Lion Dance for Chinese New Year over at McKinley Mall. Good times, but we left shortly after for our Godson’s birthday party.

Nine Days

I started a Novena yesterday, which will last until the day before a dear friend gets back from an “Avatar” course in Orlando. Timely as well, with this week being the start of Lent.