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Early this week, my car got stuck going into a space here at the complex. The plow guy barely passed through the middle of the lot ONCE in 36 hours of snowing and drifting, so there’s (still) a layer of packed snow and ice about 4 inches thick or more. Anyway, my back was already sore, and Merry shoveled around the tires to no avail, but it had to be pushed out — by me. Bad decision. When I couldn’t get off the couch Tuesday evening, I knew it was bad. I’ve been to the chiropractor twice since then (and back again Tuesday), but here’s the kicker …

I’m not supposed to lift, twist, or SIT. I’ve been standing and laying down most of these last few days, not really going anywhere, and only sneaking in some typing at the keyboard in shot sessions here and there. I read my screen at an angle from a standing position mostly. Funny — yet not funny — I even had to crawl on all fours from one room to the other at the Chiropractor Wednesday.

Such has been my life. But at least I’m getting some other reading done (in bed) and have been able to meditate, etc.., which I never take enough time to do otherwise. For ever circumstance, many a purpose.