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Sunday I bought my first ringtone. Too bad I can’t retrieve it … grrrr. Anyway, it’s from, and can be heard HERE.

Monday was great. Sort of. MEr & I met up with Michelle at the NYCT. I grabbed kluskis (eating them plain which was met oddly with the food people), czarnina (them, not me), and hunter’s stew. The band was playing “Jingle Bells” as a Polka about the time we got there. Yes it was that cold — INSIDE.

I got to try out my new camera I bought hours earlier and it worked great. Cheap Canon, discontinued floor model and all, but perhaps the most advanced camera I’ve ever had. I keep finding new features and showed off color swap and color-bw-whatever on Michelle.

Anyway, we got scalped into buying free drinking wristbands, thinking they were tickets, but didn’t realize it until after we left, as they let us in anyway. And the “tickets” were supposed to be for the NYCT, St. Stanislaus, and “Mickie’s”, but St. Stan’s didn’t honor the arrangement for whatever reason so we blew it off and spent the rest of the evening at this tavern-theater-library-social-whatever. It was great. They played the Chicken Dance (at Merry’s request) and we danced a bit. Michelle and I shared a bottle of Zywiec beer. I also ran into people from the P&BA, including the accordian player, who was great.

Crowded doesn’t describe it — worse then the Broadway Market on Friday — but everyone was happy and polite. Except for the squirt guns. The sign said “No Supersoakers” fortunately, but a lot of people had smaller ones, and knew no gender. Guys and gals quirted indiscrimiately at people they knew of same or oppositre sex; the rest of us were collateral damage. If guys squirt each other on dyngus day, are they gay?

But it wansn’t a drunken crowd at all. It was MERRY, simple and true. I joked that the Poles drink on Dyngus Day because the Irish get the rest of the year. :^P

I’d do it again.