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It was the coldest Good Friday I can remember. This weekend turned out to be colder than Christmas this year. I did the usual errands, then Mer and I met with Amy, her boyfriend, and a friend from their workplace to go to the Broadway Market. It was more packed than I can ever remember it, much more than last year, with lines everywhere for 15 minutes to an hour. The hour is what we waited to eat at Perison’s, and we agreed to sit at the far end, which was almost freezing as the draft from constantly opening doors nearby was draining all warmth. But we ate — me with my coat and hood on the whole time, which is odd for me to do indoors — and had a good time nonetheless. But I ALMOST wish I hadn’t come, being that crowded and cold.

Holy Thrusday I went with Christina and her friend Lucy to the Broadway Market. I think it’s starting to be a tradition, which is fine with me. They had fish and I had the best ribs (as usual) from McKenzie’s meats (soul food, etc.). Wasn’t too crowded … just right.