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I found out as I arrived that a meeting of the Hellenic Festival committee was rescheduled for earlier than planned.  I REALLY wish I was kept in the loop on these things.  Already being downtown, I decided to go to … dun, dun, DUN … the Library.  I haven’t been to the downtown library in years, since the card catalogs were replaced with computers in fact.  I did some tinkering and ordered a book sent to my local library (West Seneca), and to do that I had to get entered in their system as a new card-holder.

As archaic as a library is for general information, there is so much primary and secondary resource material still unavailable online, and it’s still a milieu close to my heart.  I would spend the day there as intellectual entertainment alone, and they now have a gift shop and cafe with food.

Anyone up for a date at the library with me?