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This Sabbath (Saturday) I went with a new friend of mine from the Red Dragon school to the local Messianic Synogogue.  The service lasted two hours, had some readings from the Torah, other Old Testamant, and a letter of Paul (“Rabbi Saul”).  There was a circle of a handful of people dancing of all ages during the hymns, which were in Hebrew and English.

It was a nice service, except for the excessive standing.  Everyone was friendly and energetic, with some ethnic diversity.  I didn’t wear my yamaka because hardly anyone else did, and there were only a few people with prayer shawls.  It was a neat experience, but it wouldn’t be my preference for regular weekend worship.  It has a great message of G-d’s Love and all that, but there seems to be a strong tone of Israeli nationalism, and though Messiah Y’shua is praised, there was no Gospel reading, which I thought odd.  But now I can say I’ve been to a service, and would feel more comfortable if I went to another someday.