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… especially when they have the gumption to show they are not ashamed of what God gave them.  The women of the Monongahela Historical Society put out a calendar called “Ladies of the Mon: Vixens of the Valley”.  One of them is a real (still) alive ‘Rosie the Riveter’ and they are all precious.

ladies_of_the_mon.jpgYes, I bought a copy, and no, I’m not a pervert.  But I will always support a broader view of human aesthetica, especially if it’s for a good cause.  My respect and admiration goes out to them, and I hope it sends a message to other women out there who succumb to judging themselves on how so many limited souls define beauty.

And if there’s a middle-aged, well-fed, and poorly-muscled beefcake calendar for my township looking for male models, I’m in.   :^}