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I’ve finally taken the time to get back to my journal here, as today I walked from our old home to our new home. We officially moved two weeks ago, but now we are settled in for the most part. Merry dropped me off at Fisher Park, I surveyed the land, and Koala in backpack (along with some water, a Gideon Bible, and a copy of “The Long Journey Home“), I twirled my prayer wheel for the nearly two hour journey.

I met Merry walking Ladybug, and we crossed the threshold as if for the first time. We had our first sit-down dinner together — chicken (my favourite) — right after I put up the PaKua over the door. We never did have a house blessing or smudging, as the house seemed to welcome us, eager to be lived in. We may do so anyway, but not to exorcise past memories or lingerings. Roman came over and I ended the day by setting up my scripture stand in my office and taking a sponge bath, as the shower isn’t fixed yet.

A lot has happened over the last month or two, and getting the house and moving in is a story for another time. perhaps soon.