Amish Mud

24 November, 2008 Ken Everyday Life

I found another Amish farm to get eggs Thursday and got stuck in the mud leaving the place.  I couldn’t see the drainage ditch under the snow — fortunately it was shallow and “Ben” had gravel to shovel under the tires.  A little pushing helped, too, especially to get up the incline back onto the road.  It was really muddy and slippery from snow.

Ben felt bad but I insisted it wasn’t his fault or a big deal.  “Your car is all muddy!”

“Cars can be washed.”  Little did he know I would put off washing my car just to revel in the manly pride I so rarely enjoy with “Orinoco” my ZX2 Sport.

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2 Responses to “Amish Mud”

  • Ken says:

    J –

    Seeing your message lit up my day! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • peacevine says:

    I got your message- I am alive and I would say that I am well except that currently have a cold. Sometime when life is not kicking me in the butt I will give you a call.

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