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I’ve never been so happy as I am now at this time in my life.  By happy, I don’t mean ecstatic or exuberant, but blissfully content.  Apart from a few snags here and there, Merry shares in our occasional questioning, “Why are we so HAPPY?”

Having a house is just a thing, but having a home … that is a place, a platform from which to reach from, psychologically, emotionally.  We have a place for each other that we can call our own — something to work for and work on together, building all sorts of dreams that suddenly seem so much reachable.

So when I went upstairs and looked out the window, it took me a moment to see it wasn’t rain but snow, and that the ground was white, not green.  I went downstairs, shouting to Merry to look out the window.  We met at the foyer, and in eachother’s arms, it was like we saw snow for the first time.  “Why are we so happy to see snow?”

Some questions answer themselves, silently, beyond words.