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It’s been snowing more on than off for so many days, i don’t remember when it started.  We had a brief thaw, then back to adding a couple feet of white all around.

I haven’t done much house stuff in spite of buying the 60-gallon aquarium to replace our aspirations for a wood stove.  We finally ordered the last of the jacks we need to level the house, and that will make a list of other projects easier, including the base of said aquarium.

I’ve been busy with helping BuffNet refugees, and landed a few new accounts from the stack, including a customer I’ve waited on for years to need my help.  It’s forcing me to be more organized, and in spite of some recession I’ve heard rumors about, I’m getting lead after lead for new business.  If it all falls into place, I’ll really be caught up on things.

Tonight, I am holding a group interview for a salesman with my professional coach, Bill Knoche.  I’ve been praying about it, as even one new client a week would change my life.  It’s about time I get some growing pains.