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{I wrote this on LinkedIn, in response to a discussion about Obama virtually firing the CEO of GM.}

The American people need to decide between We The People and Das Kapital. But before we do, we need to educate every citizen with the common sense to know the score:

We fat, capitalist Americans throw away more food than most communist and socialist countries can hope to eat. And we’ve been taught to apologize for this on one hand, and on the other contradict our prosperity by declaring every hiccup or snag in the most robust economy in history as a failure of free market principles.

Frankly, we need to stop being stupid. The debate was over far before the Berlin wall came down, yet perpetuated by people who still don’t know the Cold War is over, namely armchair professors and second generation hippies fighting a class war that NEVER existed here, except by slogans and meaningless sentiments that wont die, infecting us through the invasion of propaganda from 19th Century Europe (where it once actually applied).

And to think I was inspired to campaign for Obama in the primary! What was to be a consolation prize ended up where one of the greatest traitors of our time is still only two “suicides” or “accidents” away from the Presidency …

{On another blog …}

… We’re being one-two sucker-punched, thanks to one party being in control of two branches for so many years. It doesn’t matter that they were both one party, then the other. The Constitution was designed for intentional deadlock to protect us from out-of-control government intervention in our lives. The sad part is that the American People themselves are asking for salvation via Big Brother managing all our resources — and liberties — and either party is more than willing to make us happy and feeling safe. Like Paine, I prefer death.