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I continue to get emails from his campaign machine, usually begging for money (AFTER the election mind you) or selling bumper stickers and t-shirts.  Whatever.  Here’s my question, and I dare anyone in their staff to publicly answer it: When you send me constant messages such as “Will you donate whatever you can afford to support the campaign for real health care reform in 2009?”


Implied questions: Don’t the elected officials handle it from here on?  If not, why did we elect them in the first place?  Are we spending money for one political party to LOBBY the government it already participates in? Does anyone else see an ethical issue in all this?

I emailed them that question, and only got a form letter saying they don’t answer all their emails.  I only hope too many people aren’t stupid enough to dump their money into a non-campaign, only to have it end up paying back Hillary’s “loans” to her own campaign from her personal coffers.   As insane as that is, it is a reasonable hypothesis that would be hardly surprising — the so-called “grassroots” movement they talk about is basically hijacked and just a rebranding of the DNC at this point in my opinion.  And I suspect they are the leftist equivalent of neon-mega-church fundraisers, mostly taking advantage of little old ladies, and perhaps college kids who only question government when they are told to, i.e. witch-hunting boogie-man Bush.

I’m not proud that I helped Obama win the primary.  And I’m questioning if it was the lesser of two evils after all.