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Ben Maryniak, author and historian, was given a service at his grave-site last weekend at Forest Lawn Cemetery (near President Fillmore’s plot).  A small regiment of Union soldiers has a three-gun salute (louder than I expected), there were period musicians, “Taps” bugled, and women in hooped dresses.  Even a re-enactor of Lincoln showed, as well as re-enactors from the Confederate side of things — he was the man behind the whole Civil War Round Table for the area.

He re-enacted as a Union chaplain (an actual person also buried at that cemetery), and co-authored two books on the subject.  I’ve read the first one a while back and didn’t get to the second yet.  But I always sensed he felt inside he should have been a “man of the cloth” and in his own way, I reckon he was.

Another man I wish I could have known better.  Rest in Peace, friend.