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I have never gotten more “Nigerian Scam” emails in nearly any year as these last few days.  Seriously, are there that many stupid people to make it worth their while?  We need to make it a crime to fall for scams if we can’t take out the criminals.  And then apply it to spam — if you buy something through an online ad you didn’t subscribe to, YOU pay a fine.

I used to think education was the answer.  But people need to accept the constant warnings around them.  They need to take responsibility to educate themselves once the information is out there.  Maybe I’m getting too jaded dealing with people who convince themselves they are “computer stupid” …

{Edit: I am now receiving more Nigerian scam emails than all previous years combined.  It used to be a couple a month, maybe a couple a week, or even some days, but I am now getting a batch every time I send and receive, twelve times per hour.}